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qPCR Probe Mix


Researchers and diagnostic scientists have been using Microzone’s DNA release solutions for over 15 years. This has resulted in numerous published papers and developed protocols.


  • Provide excellent results on both AT and GC rich templates, in multiplexing and guarantee rapid extension with early Ct values with minimum or no optimization.

  • Supplied with PCR Water to guarantee optimal performance.

  • Available in three versions – without ROX, with low or high ROX concentration.


Microzone has now also launched MicroLYSIS RNA which works to release RNA in a ready-to-use format and is great for COVID-19 rapid testing.


Microlysis RNA

Microzone’s microLYSIS®-Plus releases DNA from the most difficult of sources.


DNAmite Plant Kit: Extract large amounts of high purity DNA.

Megamix Blue

MicroLYSIS® DNA release is optimised to lyse the cells most commonly used in the lab.

The Perfect DNA Extraction kit

DNAmite Plant Kit is a DNA extraction kit that’s perfect for extracting large amounts of high purity DNA from different plant sources.


Our kit extracts DNA from plant leaves, petals, seeds, stems, and tubers. DNAmite Plant kit is far quicker than spin-column methods and uses fewer steps. Furthermore, it doesn’t use ethanol, phenol, chloroform or isopropanol, so it’s safer for you and for the environment too.





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