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250 Days of Growth and Continuous Learning

In May 2022, I was on a job hunt. I had told myself that I would only consider roles that would challenge me and give me an opportunity to grow, while also allowing me to evolve with the digital world as we see it today.


I came across the Digital Marketing Associate job ad on LinkedIn one afternoon, and after going through the company’s background, job responsibilities, and requirements needed for the role, I just knew I had to SHOOT MY SHOT!


Fast forward to June, after two interview rounds that seemed more like conversations and a genuine talking stage where we were trying to get to know each other, I received an offer letter from Socialight Limited, and I knew I was up for an interesting journey. 

A happy employee of Socialight Limited



My introduction to the Socialight team was nothing short of euphoric. It was quite clear from the onboarding period that our team lead, Omolola Okunlola, and our CEO, Patrick Nwafor, were very intentional about our growth and success in the roles we were assigned. 

From answering tons of questions to assigning tasks to us based on our interests and even based on our weak points to challenge us. 

I knew that this was A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN


Within my 250 days on the team, I’ve had to evaluate myself, my growth, and my contributions to the team multiple times. Some of these evaluations have been prompted by the team leaders and management.

During these evaluations, I have definitely come to see how much I’ve grown in the last 7 months.

I have had to learn, unlearn, and relearn a lot of things, and I have been pushed to strive for excellence in all I do.

In under a year, I have honed most of my skills and picked up new ones. I have taken on some courses to help me do better, and I have even had to hone my people skills.

I remember going for the Linkedin-local Lagos 3.0 networking event with some members of the team. I was very nervous because, being a really shy person, I usually shy away from interpersonal communication in physical settings.

My team lead had to literally push me to socialize with people at the event and try to network, and I left the venue that day with actual new friends and acquaintances. It was also at this event that I got to meet and talk to Tobiloba Ayinde, who would go on later to join the team and become a colleague!

Another instance would be our current team lead, Ruth Torty, assigning tasks to us that she’s certain we can accomplish and are interested in. By doing this, I’ve been able to get even better with my video editing skills, content creation skills, and even content writing skills.


We’re a tight-knit family of individuals who value teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, and problem solving using all our various skills.

I’d like to believe that at Socialight, we’re not just a cross-functional team of skilled and admirable professionals.

We’re also a tight-knit family of individuals who value teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, and problem solving using all our various skills.

Jemimah of Socialight with her colleague, Emmanuel

In the 250 days that I’ve been on the team, I’ve learned a lot of things from each member of the team.

I have learned resilience and patience from Patrick Nwafor.

I have learned how to step out of my comfort zone and know that I can do anything I put my mind to from Omolola.

I have learned how to push myself and take on tasks that normally would scare me, but I find that I actually enjoy them after I’ve completed them, thanks to Ruth.

I have learned from Emmanuel how to have multiple perspectives on things and make sure my creative work is excellent and authentic.

I have learned to accept learning as a daily task that would only help me surpass my goals from Daniel.

I've learned a lot from everyone I’ve had to work with, and I look forward to learning more, doing more, and achieving more with the team.


At Socialight, we always want to ensure our clients get not just what they set out to achieve but more.

We have helped brands increase awareness and sales, but we have also helped them dominate their industries and build sustainable brands.

Socialight at LinkedInlocal Lagos 3.0 networking event

As a member of this team that is making an indelible mark in the digital marketing industry, I know that I’ll keep learning and applying the various skills I have honed to every task I am assigned to ensure that all our goals are met and every expectation is surpassed.

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