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Folorunsho Alakija: We Told Her Life Story in 7 minutes

Folorunsho Alakija is a businesswoman and philanthropist, proclaimed by Forbes as the richest woman in Africa. She oversees many business endeavours and is a recipient of both local and international awards. 

When it came time to unveil her five new books including a sequel to her first autobiography titled 'Blossoming with the Hand that Gives the Rose' and a documentary detailing her life of 70 years, Folorunsho Alakija needed a creative agency that could help her tell these stories in an impactful way. 

We knew that this was an opportunity for us to showcase our expertise in social strategy and creative storytelling. We also wanted to tell Folorunsho's story in a way that would inspire others to do good for their communities and themselves. 

For us to accomplish this task, we had to understand who our client was, first as an individual and then understand her vision for the documentary.

What We Did.

She requested a premium package of our live streaming services covering a 2-day event: 

• DAY 1 - Book launch streamed across 7 channels including 1 TV Channel 

• DAY 2 — a 7-hour praise and worship event. 

To also commemorate her 70th birthday, she commissioned a documentary project that we were tasked to direct

How We Did It

1. We created a custom plan that suited her needs perfectly. The plan included our creative strategy, high tech equipment needed for the event, as well as access to our team of experts to ensure a smooth event. 

2. Storytelling Driven Videography: We set out to capture the event from different angles, ensuring the viewers could enjoy and fully participate in the event.

3. We monitored all feeds in real-time and made sure there were no technical issues during either day's events. We did this to ensure viewers could enjoy uninterrupted viewing experiences throughout both days' streams! It was good!

4. For her documentary, we wanted to do something different from the norm; so we coined the tagline, “The whole story - 70 years in 7 minutes

The Results 

The documentary was published on different channels including YouTube and garnered massive attention with over 63,000 views on the book launch events; over 20,000 views on digital channels; as well as favorable reviews from the audience.

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