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How Roadly is making Roadside Assistance accessible for every car owner

Updated: Feb 16

Roadly is an emergency roadside assistance platform that makes it easy for car owners and road users to access road/vehicle-related assistance on (and off) the road. 

Spend less on your car’s expenses when you get a Roadly plan now

Millions of Africans currently experience the pain of broken-down vehicles, poor driving skills, vehicle document delays, and expensive maintenance services which not only threaten their safety but disrupt their plans.

Roadly offers a pan-African directory of roadside service providers, vehicle license agencies and many more. 

The algorithm of the Roadly platform enables car owners to request services from verified providers, and get these services timely as needed and at a fraction of the costs of these services.

Where were we needed?

The Socialight team acquired the Roadly brief in a bid to increase brand awareness, acquire customers for the brand, and position the brand as a pioneer in the african roadside assistance industry. 

To do this, we have had to prioritize digital marketing efforts such as website creation, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and client relations.

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The strategies we employ...

  1. We crafted a content strategy that aims to not just attract customers to the brand, but position the brand as the number one source for all things roadside assistance- from sharing tips, to implementing campaigns that help car owners, and educating them on the ways Roadly subscription plans can make their lives easy.

  2. We post educational and informative articles on the Roadly blog to help car owners, and increase Roadly’s ranking on various search engines.

  3. We help maintain the brand’s image by implementing client relations and hosting articles on top tech publications like TechPoint.

  4. We utilize email marketing to promote Roadly, inform members, and give discounts to Roadly members.

  5. We built and manage the Roadly website, where we run all administrative tasks and ensure support is available for all operations.

What to do when your car is on life support…get a Roadly plan

What we've achieved

Customer’s review on the Roadly Highway subscription plan at only 29,999 Naira a year

  • We successfully set up the Roadly website and make necessary updates from time to time.

  • We have increased the total reach of the social media accounts by 85% and engagement by 2,083% in the last 3 months. 

  • The follower count has also increased by 40% in the last 90 days.

  • We have increased Roadly subscription plan sales by over 2,586% in the last 3 months.

  • We helped share Roadly’s services to their audience by releasing a press release on Techpoint.


The Roadly Sales and Customer Success team

Roadly’s success story is one we’re so excited to be a part of.

We still continue to implement digital marketing efforts to increase brand awareness and improve sales and so far, we’ve been really successful at it. 

Watch out for the brand Roadly because you haven’t heard the last of them!

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