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How we Jaiye’d the foreign way!

In honor of Nigeria’s 62nd Independence Day celebration, The Summer Curriculum team hosted a party in the UK for Africans.

As the official media partner for the Jaiye Foreign party, the biggest Owambe party in London, the Socialight team handled every aspect of marketing, publicity, and communications on digital channels- Instagram and TikTok.

This year’s edition was the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, and had over 500 people in attendance!

What Did We Do?

Let people know you are listening and want to engage with them.

  1. We created a tailored content strategy: This strategy laid out the pre-event, during-event, and post-event plan. We planned to share details on the party, tell stories, celebrate Nigerian culture with our content, and many more. We told stories that had the audience hooked.

  2. We updated pages with trendy content: By posting video content with trending sounds and top afrobeat music, we exponentially increased awareness and reach.

  3. We involved our audience in telling stories, by utilizing User Generated Content: For this event, reposts of user-generated content increased the awareness and engagement levels as more people shared highlights from the event.

  4. We listened to what people were saying about the brand: By using community-focused captions to increase engagement and responding to comments about the event, we showed the audience that we were listening. We also used our captions to start conversations in the comments section of the posts we made.

Now for the results…

1. We had a follower growth of 51% on Instagram in just 60 days

2. The page had an ORGANIC reach of over 1,600+ and over 7,200 impressions

3. The page also had over 103% increase in profile visits and an 88.8% increase in website visits!


Having a people-first approach to our digital marketing efforts for this event, pushed the event to the right audience and got people not only interested in attending the event but also in sharing their experiences after the event. This definitely increases the chances of the next edition being not only BIGGER, but BETTER!

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