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The Inshort (International Short) Film Festival is an annual event that celebrates the creative spirit of independent filmmakers. 


As the official marketing agency for this event, we were able to grow Inshort's submissions from 60 films to over 6,000+ annually, covering over 120 countries across the globe.


We covered every aspect of marketing, publicity, and communications.

Award winners at the Inshort film festival 2021



Inshort Film Festival, in 2017, was a small film festival with about 30–60 submissions annually. At the time, submissions were made physically with a CD or flash drive.


They needed more visibility, which would lead to more submissions annually.


By 2021, we had helped increase the submissions by over 19,900%.



The Inshort film festival poster

  • We transformed all internal and external processes from manual to digital: As the world is tilting towards digitalization, it’s important for every business and brand to evolve in that direction. In short, we realized that CDs had become obsolete and several content creators are making videos to upload to drives and cloud storage. To ensure diversity and inclusion, the application process had to be accessible to different filmmakers. We helped Inshort create a space to recognize exceptional film makers, directors, and producers Our strategy was to ensure applications could be made easily online, and we also used social media and other marketing tools to drive awareness.

  • We raised awareness and called for filmmakers to submit entries: We had to create a space for independent filmmakers to share their work. However, to do that, we also needed to raise awareness and let them know that the space they really need is available. We leveraged social media tools such as ad placements and nominations to call on independent filmmakers all over the world to submit their short films.

  • We digitized the whole submission, judging, and invitation process: With the evolution of systems and the digitalization of almost every industry in the world today, particularly the film and entertainment industries, we needed to make sure the process of submitting entries, judging, nominating, and inviting filmmakers was digitized. This increased the brand’s submissions by a lot, as filmmakers were able to seamlessly send in their projects from anywhere in the world. We had submissions by producers like Ijeoma Okochi-Agwu, Marek Leszczewski and even Letitia Popa.

  • We shared live updates and streamed the event online, thereby improving the reach: Through a carefully crafted content strategy, we were able to conclude that sharing live updates and streaming the event—thereby making it a hybrid event—would not only increase our reach but also increase the number of submissions we get in subsequent years. This is because people were also able to join in to support the indie filmmakers from their country without having to fly down to Nigeria to attend the event.

  • We also coordinated the event’s operations to ensure its success: We were able to cover operations successfully for the event. We sourced for and trained volunteers, handled the logistics and management of the venue, and shipped and delivered awards to international representatives. These activities greatly impacted the success of the various Inshort Film Festival editions we worked on.


  1. We were able to increase growth from 60 film submissions to over 600 in the first year.

  2. In 2019, Inshort received 6,000 film submissions.

  3. By 2021, we had smashed the record with 12,000+ submissions.

  4. We increased the follower count to over 2,000 people.


Best International short film

By making independent filmmakers feel appreciated and rewarding their creative spirit, we were able to help Inshort Film Festival increase their submissions and grow their platform by a landslide. 

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