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Kazy360 is an international workforce solutions provider that connects employers across the globe with a vast database of highly skilled and experienced job seekers from Africa. Headquartered in Dubai, with offices in Nairobi, Kenya, Kazy360 was founded in 2017. 

To improve the impressions and engagements of Kazy 360's brand, we closely collaborated with their team and made use of social media management, ad management, and content strategy development. We leveraged the power of digital marketing strategies to enhance Kazy 360 brand awareness.

Socialight marketing design for Kazy 360


As an organization, Kazy 360 needed more visibility to increase engagements quarterly and annually, and that in turn would lead to more recognition for their services.

Publicity and awareness strategy design done by Socialight for Kazy 360


  • Our first step was to determine the brand's requirements and what made it unique from the competition.

  • The next step we took was to devise and implement effective strategies for content, engagement, campaign plans, Go-To market strategies and other aspects of engagement.

  • Our team managed their digital marketing campaigns, as well as their social media platforms, as well as developed their ads and executed them.

Brand visibility strategy design by Socialight


  • Increased engagement on social media platforms as a result of an increase in traffic.

  • Monthly impressions and engagement are growing by over 100% every month, which is unprecedented.

  • Increasing organic search traffic volumes through search engine optimization.

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