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My First Six Months at Socialight

Since joining Socialight in July of this year, I have had a great time getting to know the team, learning about the culture and work environment, and experiencing some exciting challenges. 

My first week was an absolute whirlwind! I was given a lot of information about the company, including its values, culture, and history. The team is very friendly and welcoming, and everyone makes an effort to get to know you personally—not just as an employee but as a person! The onboarding process really helped me feel like part of the team from day one. 

I've also been lucky enough to attend some amazing team events so far! Like the first event we went to. Our company was tasked with covering the Linkedin local event at the Oriental Hotel in Lekki. It was the first time I got to see some of my teammates in person and they were all beautiful rocking our company logo. Even while working, we had an amazing time getting to know each other better and had tips that helped us with our networking efforts.

We also went on a company hangout last month where we got to bond with each other outside of work and learn more about our coworkers' interests and goals in life.  We played a lot of games, took a lot of pictures, and talked about our embarrassing moments. It was fun. Plus I got to eat so the picnic was very a win in my book

I also love that we have such a strong team culture here. We're always looking out for each other and supporting each other's goals, while still keeping a focus on our successes. I can always count on Ruth and Jemimah to think up out-of-the-box ideas, Daniel and Tola with their insightful flaw-finding, Mr. Patrick's patience and leadership, and of course my comedic inputs (when I'm in my better moods) to liven up our team meetings. I've come to learn a lot from these people in my short time here and I'm still learning. We are all invested in making sure everyone feels valued and appreciated, even when they're not directly contributing to a particular project right now. 

The team is friendly and supportive, they are always on hand if you need help with anything or just want to chat. We even have team meetings to just talk about our day or life in general. I recall having our first team bonding and everyone had to guess their dream travel destinations just from their personalities. I didn't give anyone too much difficulty --I'm a simple guy -- but it was fun nonetheless. Also, moments when we all talked about our first mobile phone. The nostalgia was endearing. It's great having such a good relationship with your colleagues because you can talk about things that are going on in your life too, which helps build stronger bonds between everyone in the office! 

I think one of the biggest challenges while working here was learning how to navigate the system and get used to our processes. I mean I was a rookie with little to no experience working in this dynamic only having my developed skill to make any impact here.  There were a lot of things I had to learn, from how we prioritized our tasks to where we kept important files. Since this would be my first time working in this dynamic, you can imagine how slow I was at getting things done or even prioritizing what needed to be done first. 

I struggled with being remote, but now it feels like second nature! It's great being able to work from home when it suits me best—it helps me stay organized and focused on my work instead of being distracted by other things going on around me. 

There were times when I struggled with certain tasks due to lack of knowledge or experience but our team lead was always ready to help out whenever needed - she took time out of her busy schedule to sit down with me and go through everything step by step so that I could get used to doing those tasks without any issues! 

I think it's safe to say that being remote has been one of the best parts of this job so far. Because I'm not in an office every day, it means that I have more flexibility in my schedule than if I were working at an office or even just commuting into one every day. Having this kind of freedom allows me to work at my place of comfort and this impacts my productivity positively (but it can also be too relaxing. Remain cautious) 

During my time here, I've learned so much about how to work with people from different backgrounds, and how to communicate effectively. I've also had the opportunity to take on more responsibility than I expected at this stage in my career—and it has been an incredible experience that has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. 

I'm looking forward to continuing to learn from the people around me and helping the company achieve its goals.

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