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The LinkedIn Local Lagos 3.0 Success Story

In 2022, the LinkedIn Local Lagos 3.0 hangout was one of the highlights of our year at Socialight. As the official creative partner for the biggest networking event in Lagos, we covered every aspect of marketing, publicity, and communications on digital channels.  It was a successful event as this edition had over 2,500 people in attendance!

How Successful Was It? You may ask…

  1. We grew an audience of about 500 to 3,000 followers on LinkedIn in 30 days

  2. The page has 12,800+ views and over 100,000 impressions (all ORGANIC)

  3. The page had over 72% increase in search appearance and a 17% increase in engagement too!

So How Did We Do These?

Don't be the only storyteller… use user-generated content

  1. Create a content strategy early: Firstly, we laid out a strategy that detailed the pre-event, during event and post-event plan. We planned to share details on the past edition, the event, live updates and many more. We told stories that convinced the audience.

  2. Influencer marketing still works: We had LinkedIn influencers share details about the event and this exponentially increased awareness.

  3. Don't be the only storyteller… use user-generated content: For this event, we reposted user-generated content which helped increase the engagement levels as more people continued to share details about the event.

  4. Listen to your audience: For this event, we let people know we were listening. We responded to comments about the event and engaged with comments made by others.

  5. Try all types of content for live event updates: We shared live updates in the form of photos, videos, quotes and user-generated content. This kept the audience engaged and active. This made people feel like they were there even when they weren't.


Through proper preparation, planning, content marketing, influencer marketing, storytelling, and letting the audience tell their own stories too, we helped make this event a huge success. 

If this isn’t Digital Marketing at its finest, then what is?!

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